Web design by Dave Hall

Dave is a freelance web designer based in London and the founder of Roktopus Industries. With a background in writing and music PR, he has specialised for many years in sites for musicians. Recent projects however have included children’s charities, theatre companies, PR agencies and accountancy firms.

My focus is on feel as much as appearance and content. How a site moves and responds to the user can convey as much about what you have to offer as the content itself. To a user, feel is intangible. To a designer, it’s written in deep in the code.

Our sites are responsive, optimised for search engines, packed with features like integrated social media channels, and laid out with our clients’ clients in mind.

A website is ultimately a means to generate sales, bookings, awareness or hype. It’s not just there to look pretty, so my first question is always, “who do you want to target and what do you want them to do?”

We work with a network of illustrators, photographers and other creative individuals to meet the needs of each individual project.


Our rates are probably a bit higher than your friend’s neighbour’s teenage kid, but they’re also a lot cheaper than a typical Soho marketing agency.

A full site design from scratch will typically cost in the region of £2000. This may include logos and other branding, copywriting/editing and marketing advice. It will always include a number of design concepts produced on spec with no commitment before the job itself begins.

Get in touch

Send enquiries to dave@roktopus.net. Tell us a little bit about what you have in mind and what (if any) design assets – such as logos or photography – you have already. We are just as happy working with individuals, family businesses and large organisations.