Wallflower Beta v0.1.0


The completely free Beta version of the revolutionary Wallflower WordPress theme. See the demo here.



Wallflower is a quietly revolutionary new theme for WordPress that makes a great choice for bars, restaurants, musicians, performers and artists, or anyone wanting to show off their wares in a funky and engaging fashion.

Its most striking feature is the Page Wall: an intelligently laid out gallery of your site’s key pages, which is inspected by a roving virtual camera as the user navigates the site. On mobiles and tablets the Page Wall is substituted with a simple, legible menu.

For designers, the theme offers the possibility to create unique worlds, offering users an immersive, almost tactile experience that goes beyond the hanging scroll of parchment that characterizes the grey mass of most websites today. Create websites in the form of a pirate treasure map, a picnic blanket, a family album or a round of minigolf. It’s easy to get started and won’t require any coding.

A collection of premium plugins for the theme will soon be available, to extend the design possibilities further and make that part of your life spent creating beautiful Wallflower-based sites even easier.

This is a beta version, available for testing and experimentation, given away free as-is. You are welcome to use it on a public site, but you must be prepared to forgive it its flaws. We welcome feedback from users.


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