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Online documentation for the theme is available here.

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If you’ve general questions for fellow users, we recommend joining the Wallflower Theme Users Facebook group. It’s a real mellow hang.

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If you want custom changes made to your Wallfower site, look no further than Roktopus Industries, the very sonofabitches who put this infernal contraption together in the first place. Email for a quote.


If the Facebook group draws a blank on you, you can email us on This theme is provided free, but support unfortunately is not, so if you do need extensive help getting things set up, this will be charged at the same rate as custom design work. Nevertheless, we’ll be happy to help.

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Please send us your feedback on the theme – good or bad – to We’ll read it all and try to incorporate as much as we can into future updates. Thanks!


If you’re using the free version of the Wallflower theme, we just wanted to use this opportunity let you know that the fun really doesn’t have to stop there. There is a sugar-scented strawberry patch of highly covetable add-ons to this theme available in the form of purchasable plugins from this very site. Head straight to the plugin store for the chance to part with some cash today.


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